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Geoff Bond

// Drums // Vocals


Geoff Bond has been drumming since he was a toddler and has pursued music all his life. He performed in many school music ensembles in Rochester New, York. He lived there for 22 years before moving to Washington. He studied Music Performance and majored in Theater.

Upon his arrival in Washington, Geoff linked up with a blues guitarist Vaughn Jensen. He toured with Jensen's group extensively for two years. Geoff is mostly recognized for his work with Fishbowl, a Dub/Reggae band out of Richland, Washington. He was both the drummer and lead vocalist in this project and they released a record in 2013. Fishbowl established a strong following in the Pacific Northwest and gained popularity among Portland musicians. Geoff moved to Portland in October of 2014 and became friends with Winn Alexander and William Magee. They played together for about a year under the name Radio Wolf. Geoff, William and Winn rekindled the flame sparking a sensational new group, Silverhill. Playing and performing rock n'roll classics and original fusion music.

Winn Alexander

// Guitar // Vocals


Winn Alexander picked up the guitar at the age of sixteen when his father gave him an acoustic. A 1975 Yamaha FG75. Winn played on that acoustic learning basic chords. Eventually he acquired his first electric guitar, a Harmony Les Paul, and was able to get his first guitar amp after saving money and working at the local music store. His first band was formed with High School friends, called Dead Cat On The Run. Winn's first performance was at the Newberg, Oregon Grange Hall for a talent contest performing two original songs.

Winn studied Voice and Music in High School and performed with the School Band and Choir.

After High School, Winn formed other bands, busked and worked various jobs.

He eventually ended up in Twin Falls, Idaho where he went to work for his mother's farming company. He met William Magee and the two became friends. They formed a band called the Precepts with local drummer Caleb Turner and started playing gigs in Twin Falls, Nampa and Boise. Eventually Winn decided to move back to Oregon and William made the move also. They continued to perform music, busk and started writing their own songs. They then changed the name to The Word and then changed the name again to The Indigo Art Tribe. They then moved to Portland in 2010, where they continued to play shows. Then in 2015 they met drummer Geoff Bond and formed Radio Wolf. Then in 2018 they changed the name to Silverhill.  They then

William Magee

// Bass // Vocals


William Jacob Magee hails from Twins Falls, Idaho. He began listening to music at an early age. While a Seventh Grader in Middle School he picked up the Trumpet. He also picked up the guitar. He quickly became influenced by bands The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors and others. At the age of eighteen he picked up the bass guitar and met Winn. Ten years later and after many gigs they are now Silverhill.