Silverhill was formed in the summer of 2018. The group consists of Winn Alexander (Left) Guitar, Vocals, Geoff Bond (Center) Drums, Vocals and William "Jake" Magee (Right) Bass, Vocals. The three musicians had previously played in a band together in 2015 called, Radio Wolf. The trio played in Radio Wolf with musicians Merlin Goddard (Guitar) and Stephan Budge (Saxophone).

They recorded a eight song EP self titled, Radio Wolf at Mountain Air Studios in Portland, Oregon which can be heard on the Listen page of this website. Winn and Jake originally met in Twin Falls, Idaho in 2009. The two talked music outside a local coffeehouse. They became friends and decided to start a band, The Precepts. They joined with drummer Caleb Turner and began performing around the Twin Falls area.

After the Precepts had disbanded, Winn had decided to go back to his hometown of Newberg, Oregon and after a short while Jake decided to make the move as well. The two rented a room together. Making rent by busking and playing as a duo, they began writing songs. The two recorded the, Our Darkness Of Illumination EP in the garage of their rental. You can hear those songs on the Listen page of this website. They formed a new band with drummer Tom Donaghue and guitarist Merlin Goddard called The Word after the Lennon and McCartney song from Rubber Soul. They started performing live around the Portland area. Winn and Jake eventually changed the name yet again to The Indigo Art Tribe. Then in 2010 they moved into a house in NE Portland. There they recorded and wrote more songs which can be heard on the Listen page above.

The band eventually relocated to Pendleton, Oregon and continued to perform music as The Indigo Art Tribe. Then later in 2015, Winn and Jake met drummer Geoff Bond. Geoff had previously played in a reggae group called, Fishbowl in the Tri-Cities area.

The three paired with Merlin Goddard and Stephan Budge and formed a new group, Radio Wolf. The band performed together for a little over a year before disbanding. It wasn't until 2018 that Winn, Jake and Geoff would reconnect. They formed Silverhill and began performing live and writing new songs. The band played 65 live shows in 2019. Currently Silverhill are finishing up a brand new LP of thirteen new original songs. You can hear the new single, Make Yourself Happy on the Listen page above.

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